Pamplonne Necklace Plus Ones


The Long Links necklace is outfitted with 5 hammered 1” horns, a toggle and given more length to create a lariat. The lariat can be worn to the back so that the focus is of the necklace of horns or turned around so that the lariat’s end with its clasp and MM coin hits the wearer’s collarbone. The clasp allows for the MM coin to be taken out and exchanged for any of our other Plus Ones. It is also possible to thread our pendants with larger jump rings over the chain link at the neck. See the Pamplonne Plus Ones for inspiration. Length of chain that circles neck: 17.25”;  total length: 21”. Necklace is 18K gold plated with contrasting rhodium plated horns and MM coin. Seen here with Lapis Corniche and Gold Coronation Pendant.

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